We are created for connection. When life's challenges are difficult to navigate, you don't have to face them alone. Therapy can provide space for refuge, hope, healing and growth. Working together, times of struggle or even crisis can build endurance for the path ahead. "Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..." -Hebrews 12

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From planning your future together to significant changes in your relationship after many years. You may be looking for improvement in how you communicate or facing difficulty such as infidelity, trauma, recovery, grief, loss or infertility. Couples work is focused on identifying the specific needs of your relationship and providing new ways for understanding and loving each other, no matter what phase of life you are in. 

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Military members, couples and families face unique stressors that create complexity in professional and personal life. Lifestyle factors include relocation, deployment, post-traumatic stress, reintegration, readjustment, marital strain, financial concerns and parenting. Therapy is provided in context of current or past military service, taking into account the resiliency that veterans and their loved ones exhibit in the face of these challenges. 

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Families can experience difficulty navigating dynamics including the uncertainty of conflict, changes in family members and life stage transitions. Your family may be facing a crisis, grief or loss. We will look at family history and other important factors including the family's unique patterns of relating to one another. Therapeutic interventions are based in systemic principles and focused on the needs of your family.

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You may be just starting out in life, searching for a new purpose or feeling overwhelmed in the face of big change. The struggle with adjusting to these challenges or feeling stuck in anxiety and depression may be taking more energy than you expected. Personal and family history, along with other important factors are considered along with creating therapeutic space to help you identify and explore important thoughts, feelings and behaviors through individual therapy.